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Craigslist has millions of users as it provides free posting service of advertisements. There are more chance of scams and frauds because of this feature. It is necessary to identify which classified is bogus and which are genuine.

It is a multipurpose websites that helpful in browsing world wide as well as locally. People post advertisements, chat, sell and buy stuffs. Sometimes you feel very sad about problems. You think that you are the only person suffered from them.

However, it does not prove worth for those who visit site rarely. If you frequently post ads, it is better to create an account and deal with it. Sign up with Craigslist is too easy and take few minutes only. Following are easy steps to make account.

Craigslist is a place where people can find classified about new jobs, housing, date, participate in discussion forums on a variety of issues and of course, buy and sell products and services. Images give an attractive look to the advertisements.

Craigslist allows users to deal with local people as well as connect internationally. It makes easy to buy or sell anything to local and world public. Sometimes dealing becomes difficult due to scam if they haven’t provided location.

When your advertisement does not appear on Craigslist category page, it may be ghosted. It can be appeared when you enter URL, manually to browser. There are so many reasons for it.

It is most visited, most used, and most visible sites on the internet for selling and purchasing stuffs. The main advantage of site is that it provides facilities from local area as well as connects internationally.

Craigslist provides facility to add anonymous email address to protect from scams and keep their privacy safe. Anyone can respond to anonymize email address and the site will pass the message immediately to your genuine email account.





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