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Today SEO backlinks have still not lost their sheen just because the search engines are continuing to count on the links as one of the major ranking factors.

Definitely ROI. You do not want to with a company who is not concerned about the rate of conversion and the possible ROI for your business. SEO is not only about the increasing footfall on your website, it also should mean increased sales and a better user experience. People who say that keyword ranking would help you get on top in your SEO game, they are lying to you and you need to run from the

Also avoid writing low quality deceptive content that tries to establish you better than you actually are. Also putting spam or paid links in order to increase the number of links on your website can do more harm than good. So avoid such things at all costs. Lastly, piracy is something that can not be tolerated at any cost and may cause you a lot of trouble, so the thumb rule is to stay original,





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